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How To Manage A Sprained Ankle

The ankle is an integral part of your body that supports your weight as well as shock absorption. However, most people ignore ankle pain believing that it will heal in its time. But, this can be dangerous as an ankle problem can lead to chronic pain and instability...

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Tips On How To Keep Your Feet Healthy

With most of your daily routines requiring some movement, the last thing you want is foot problems. But, your feet, just like other functional parts of your body, need special attention to stay healthy. Even when you don't feel any pain or have foot problems...

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How To Treat Hip Pain

The most effective way to treat hip pain, especially when it's a result of an underlining foot condition, is to seek comprehensive treatment from a podiatrist in Waterloo, such as Movement 101. However, you can also use home remedies recommended by a specialist, such as:


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How Your Feet Can Cause Hip Pain

Considering the distance between your hips and feet, you may be wondering, what do my feet have to do with my hips? The truth is, severe feet issues can affect other body parts, including the hips. That's why you should consider visiting a podiatrist in Waterloo,...

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"Podiatry For Athlete’s Foot"

Athlete's foot is a common condition with all sorts of over-the-counter cream available to treat it. The disease is caused by a fungus that thrives a lot in warm and damp areas such as between toes. That's why it is more common in athletes, as they are usually in sn...

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The Stages Of Sports Injury Rehabilitation

Injuries are a common thing in sports that can not be prevented. However, you can accelerate the recovery time through accurate diagnosis and effective management. The recovery time of a sports injury will depend on its severity. Regardless of how long ...

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How Pelvic Floor Muscle Retraining Works

Pelvic floor retraining involves pelvic floor reeducation that helps individuals understand the importance of a healthy pelvic floor. A physio in Waterloo such as Movement 101 may provide you with awareness techniques to help you do the proper pelvic floo...

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"How Physiotherapy Can Treat Pelvic Floor Conditions"

Pelvic floor muscles become weak or painful for many reasons. More often, they begin with pregnancy and childbirth, but also common in young athletes.

Everyone, women, children, and men, need a healthy pelvic floor. Over the years, women's ...

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"Physio For Vertigo Treatment"

Vertigo and dizziness is a common issue faced by many. Studies show that millions of Australians experience dizziness at some point in their lives. Several factors can cause dizziness and vertigo symptoms. In most cases, dizziness that worsens with movement is caus...

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a month ago
Highly recommend Movement 101 Waterloo, location is great and there is parking available. The staff are amazing and very helpful and friendly. Blake is awesome, very knowledgeable, professional and personable. My son has really enjoyed and benefited from his one-on-one sessions & strength program with Blake.
a week ago
Have worked with Blake through a few injuries at previous clinics and this one is excellent and extra special, better facilities and expertise than anywhere else
- Jak M
3 weeks ago
Friendly reception and great professionals! I’ve been attending Movement 101 in Waterloo for the last 10 days and just after 4 sessions I’ve been able to sleep without pain in my shoulder, isn’t a miracle; it’s exercises ;and 2x Thanks Blake.
- André M

Top Rated Waterloo Physiotherapist

Movement 101 Offers Strong Recovery, Optimal Health, and Wellness for Patients

Movement 101 is a physiotherapy clinic offering physio programs for people with fitness and wellness goals, chronic pain, sports, and exercise injuries. Whether you suffer from frustrating injuries or pain, our Waterloo physiotherapist has experience working with patients with different conditions. We provide a range of physiotherapy treatments for back pain, neck problems, muscle injuries, joint pain, chronic pay, and post-surgery injuries.

What Services Do We Provide?

We offer a range of services, including:

  • physiotherapy
  • pilates
  • exercise physiology
  • remedial massage
  • podiatry


We offer physiotherapy care for sports injuries, chronic pain, post-surgery pain, and back pain. Our physiotherapists have experience working with sports people and casual exercisers and use the same elite treatment for everyone who seeks our help. We incorporate various therapy techniques, such as manual therapy, exercise. We also provide women’s health physiotherapy consultations. No matter the severity of your condition, we can diagnose your problem and develop a treatment plan for you.


We have state-of-the-art equipment for clinical pilates programs. Our clinical pilates programs are intended to help in improving stability and building muscles. We also provide guided Pilates mat classes to work on stiff muscles and body posture. Depending on your condition, we may incorporate pilates with physio into your treatment.

Exercise Physiology

Our physiotherapists will develop a training program that aligns with your wellness goals if you have fitness goals. Our exercise physiology team will provide one on one training exercises to help you work towards your goals. You can opt for any of our exercise physiology classes, depending on the objectives you have. We offer women’s strength group classes, weight loss group classes, and work injury rehabilitation programs for injured individuals.


We provide podiatry treatment for heel pain, diabetes-related foot problems, orthotics, and nail care at our sports podiatry clinic. We also offer sports injury podiatry to prevent, treat, and rehabilitate injuries related to sports. Additionally, our podiatrists have experience assessing foot, ankles, legs, and knee injuries and creating treatment plans for such problems if you suffer from any foot condition. We also provide biomechanical assessments that involve the use of technology to assess the function, structure, and alignment of your feet while staying still or walking to understand your discomfort and pain better. 

Other podiatry services we provide include:

  • 3D Foot Scanning And Orthotics
depending on your foot pain or discomfort, we may prescribe personalized orthotics to help distribute weight through your foot when running, walking, or standing.

  • Shockwave Therapy
If you suffer from persistent heel pain like plantar fasciopathy or chronic tendon pain, we may incorporate Extracorporeal shockwave therapy into your treatment.

At Movement 101, we believe that everyone is unique and therefore we use a custom-design approach to develop programs for every individual that needs recovery and wellness. We are dedicated to providing world-class treatments, a conducive environment for treatment, and quality services to all. You can book an appointment to consult our Physiotherapy in Waterloo to learn more.

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